The Daily Stoic: Weekly Reflection №. 6

“Above all, it is necessary for a person to have a true self-estimate, for we commonly think we can do more than we really can.” — Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind

Self-awareness has always been a mind-stimulating topic for me; From what I have learned, once you have self-awareness etched into your system, it is more likely that it is easier for you to set clear goals. You can weigh your options based on your strengths and weaknesses, and go for things that you truly want. While it may look fancy to be aware of oneself, it is rather a phase where you have to go through so many obstacles in order to understand the depths of one’s self.

The passage above written by Seneca was what The Daily Stoic wants to remind the readers every March 2nd. Ironically, it was also connected with what happened on March 2, 2022, a day that I shall never forget.

On that day, I made a big move to change my life for the better (hopefully) without a little bit of hesitation and regret. I would not lie and tell you that it was a well-articulated plan because it was not and maybe that was stupid of me. However, I just knew that it was about time I did it. It was now or never.

It has been years since I have started testing waters, and I just knew that if I could not dive right now, I might never be able to do so.

A prominent factor in making THAT decision was self-awareness. I will tell you this straight up: If I had not known what I wanted to do with my life, what was holding me back from growing into someone I wanted to be, and what I really felt in my current situation, I would have continued being a coward. I would have probably just blabber and said things I wanted to do instead of taking action to make a fundamental change in my life.

If I had not been aware of my strengths, my weaknesses, and my triggers, I would have still been lost and continuously seeking something I do not even know. If there is one thing that the post-graduate school has taught me it is this: when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you should not allow them to stop you from evolving and innovating. Rather, you should turn them into opportunities and make an action plan for the threats that might come your way.

Just like we are a work-in-progress, self-awareness is also a continuous process. One must remember though that we should not limit ourselves from what we know now; Because we are in a dynamic world and every day is an opportunity to learn — not just about our surroundings but also about ourselves.

I am honestly just holding back a lot of thoughts right now because I do not want to overshare. But more so, I do not want to overanalyze what might happen in the next few months because I want to take things lightly and not fall back on unnecessary self-doubt. Right now, I am in the process of learning more about a side of me I have not explored in the past six years and that is what matters to me most.

Albeit quite frightening, I think I am enjoying it. I guess we will see in the next few months if I shall continue swimming even though I can barely breathe or I will just let myself drown with this leap of faith that I took.




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